Ayinde Russell

Artist. Educator. Consultant.

There are a number of services Ayinde Russell can be contracted for, including:

  • Music and Poetry Performance
  • Writing Workshops
  • Professional Training in Cultural Reconciliation, Dialogue and Cross-Cultural Marketing
  • School Based Assemblies and Seminars in Positive Youth Development

Music and Poetry Performance

Ayinde is an internationally-traveled and award-winning performer with experience on stages in music festivals, international competitions, corporate events, ceremonies, banquets, colleges and universities, middle and high schools, national conferences, local cafes and music clubs.  No matter the audience, his work is bound to profoundly impact and inspire.

As a multi-faceted talent, Ayinde creates a unique and meaningful experience of entertainment.


Writing Workshops

Art hurts.  Art urges voyages – and it is easier to stay home.

Gwendolyn Brooks, Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 1985, Pulitzer Prize Winner for Poetry 1950 (1917 – 2000)

Through challenging literary exercises in poetry, participants will embolden their capacity to express themselves.  These workshops will introduce cutting edge artists of varied influence, traditional and contemporary, inviting stronger language comprehension skills, and a gateway for personal development and insight.  Workshops will appeal to matters of personal and global import.  Current potential workshops include but are not limited to:

  • Pole Position - Writing Beyond Cliche
  • Message Music - An Introduction to Slam Poetry
  • After the Masquerade - Poetry and Authentic Identity
  • From Silent to Center - Writing through Displacement

Professional Training in Cultural Reconciliation, Dialogue and Cross-Cultural Marketing

Poetry is symbology alive.  It is an artform that fully harnesses the potential of imagery to bridge human experiences.  Language is inherently relational, and poetry is a craft that dialogues from author to recipient.  It has much to teach about shared space and reconciliation.  This workshop, The Chemistry of Connection, will help participants appreciate the value of the "other," and honor narratives that are and are not our own. 

This workshop can also facilitate discussions for corporate professionals marketing across diverse cultural markets who seek to maintain the humanity of their clientelle and avoid caricaturizations that create distance from consumers.

School Based Assemblies and Seminars in Positive Youth Development

Youth are bound to experience better behavioral outcomes when exposed to interventions that emphasize their assets over and above their deficiencies.  Ayinde can offer school-based assemblies that will focus on protective factors to increase the likelihood of student motivation toward healthy life and relationship goals.

In addition, Ayinde has contributed to the development of positive youth development curricula and would be a valuable consultative asset to organizations attempting to create a resource fit for their community of influence.

To contact Ayinde via email: Ayindetecca@gmail.com

Twitter: @ayindetecca

Facebook: facebook.com/ayinderussell